APIP BLOG HolidayFloorset 2018 Post

Our holiday shoot is supposed to bring you back to simpler times when the season was less about being so busy and more about making memories. That’s why our newest campaign focuses on fashion that focuses on you. These newest expecting styles are made for the moments that matter, whether they’re created at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or a lazy Sunday with the family. These looks are ready to be signed, sealed, delivered – yours.

The ultimate in laid-back luxe is something plaid. We love ours with designer denim that fits like a second skin. Speaking of maternity jeans, what’s cuter than overalls? The featured pair is our Luxe Essentials Denim [LED] maternity overalls, an exclusive style crafted with wide legs, a side zipper and cross adjustable straps. Throw on sleek stripes underneath for the trifecta of cute, comfy, couture.

And for those times when sweater weather becomes a dinner date or hosting the holidays, sticking with a maternity sweater that can be dressed up or down is key. The cowl neck (shown) is from Splendid for A Pea in the Pod in Olive, but also comes in Heather Grey and Rugby Red.  Soft, textured, made in the US – finish with a pair of black maternity pants or jeans and you’re good to go. Now capture each moment and share them with us. @apeainthepodmaternity #40weeksofchic

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