Sleep is the one thing we just can’t seem to ever have enough of. The thing is, once pregnant, it may be even harder to come by. Fake it ‘til you make it. Or, slip into something pretty, wrap yourself on something comfy and make bedtime beautiful.

Where to start? Sleek and smooth maternity sleepwear in pretty prints. The newest pattern, called Vintage Violet Leaf, can be loved on our nursing nightgown which features clip-down straps and comes with a stunning lace-trimmed robe. This set is what good dreams are made of.

Want sleep separates that sing a sweet lullaby to the leaf print? These underbelly maternity sleep pants are of course perfect for pregnancy but work postpartum too. The stretchy waistband has comfort and give, without constriction. Top them off with a simple sleep shirt or mix and match with a maternity sleep set.

Now for something extra. The best-selling pregnancy pillow is the Snoogle and for good reason. It’s made to help contour your body providing lasting comfort throughout the night. Put it in the front or behind the bump for a personalized feel. Now get your 40 winks over these 40 weeks. Have a good night!


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