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Floral Maternity Maxi
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Floral Maternity Maxi

As interior designers and moms, Erin and Lina, co-founders of Curated Nest, love how fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand to reflect personal style. Now that Erin is pregnant with her second baby, this is even more present in her maternity style and nursery design. Turns out, Erin is a fan of A Pea in the Pod Maternity, so we asked these nursery design pros what their thoughts were on fashion and its impact on the nursery.

How has your style changed since your last pregnancy?

I’ve embraced more comfortable maternity styles given that running around with a toddler is no joke, basically a workout at all times. I still wear a lot of basic black shirts and pants paired with a more “fun” piece. And let’s be honest, I still wore many of my maternity clothes well after delivering my first. I totally blame that on how comfy they were (not the donuts or anything, ahem)!

What were your favorite maternity pieces during your pregnancy?

Well, obviously, I love the halter maternity maxi in navy floral. I also have been drawn to those soft colors in really classic tops, like this maternity tee in pink lavender. As a nursery designer, I needed the robe and gown nursing sleep set. I loved both the floral and blush ones!

Do you think current fashion trends affect interior design trends?

Absolutely! Fashion has a much faster life cycle than interiors when it comes to trends, but we see all the hottest trends from fashion trickling down to interiors. A couple examples are the tropical patterns we’re seeing (think oversized, lush, green leaves) in both interiors and fashion, as well as tons of floral patterns of all styles. I personally love the watercolor look and the small vintage inspired patterns.

Where did you find your inspiration when designing your nursery?

I was excited when I found out I was having a girl because I’ve always gravitated towards florals in my personal style, whether it’s dresses, jewelry, or kimonos. With florals and blush tones being so trendy right now, it was easy to find gorgeous inspo. The key pieces I selected are from Curated Nest, with the watercolor Spring Floral wallpaper, gold Jubilee Crib, and handmade lace Eleanor Teepee being the stars of the nursery. I didn’t want the room to be too precious, so I used tons of textures with a boho, natural feel to tone down the pretty.

Other than creating your nursery, in what other ways have you been nesting for baby?

I’m in my third trimester, so hormones have kicked up a notch, and I’m organizing all the drawers and closets like crazy. But most of all, I’ve been enjoying myself designing the nursery, which of course is my passion. I’m also totally swooning over all the pink things, like all the cute swaddles and dolls we have on our website. #everythingpink [Editor’s Note: A Pea in the Pod loves pink too!]

Do you have a baby name picked out?

Yes! But I am sworn to secrecy, though Lina’s been trying to pry it out for months. All I can say is that it’s a classic name that we hope will be timeless and not too trendy.


  • Hi I really love the dress but I would really like to know on whether the nursery wall is painted or a wall paper and if so where can I find it?


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