APIP BLOG Floorset April 2018 2017 post3.jpg

Blossoms are still abounding for early autumn. Be a force of nature all season with both bold and muted blooms, set against saturated colors.

Start with the featured dress. Our blue relaxed fit maternity dress is dripping with black and white arrangements. It’s lightweight detailed with an asymmetrical hem falling below the knee in the front and mid-calf in the back. Plus, the 3/4th length sleeves make it an easy transitioning piece for when the chill of fall sets in.

The green maternity dress is bursting with life and personality. Between the flutter sleeves, flowing bottom, fitted silhouette and mod neckline… it’s a classic beauty that has been reinvented for maternity.

Macro florals are a bold choice, with orange budding against dark navy blue in our tulip print maternity blouse which also comes in a matching maternity dress.

Show us in your best blooms @apeainthepodmaternity #40weeksofchic

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