APIP BLOG BeyondYoga 2018 Post

Take your workout beyond just stretching and walking with styles from Beyond the Bump from Beyond Yoga. You won’t just look good in their supremely soft styles, but you’ll feel good too: “For every Beyond the Bump item purchased at supporting retailers, the brand will make a monetary contribution to help expectant mothers in need. Together we can affect a generation, together we can make a difference – one growing belly at a time.”

What we love about the styles are their stretch and retention. The spacedye pairs are luxuriously smooth and of course are perfect for yoga. We also love them for barre and pilates, which is suggested as a great activity via our friends at Fit Pregnancy.  Here are some workout guidelines from Fit Pregnancy.

And as much as working out has been shown to be amazing for both mom and baby, we really live for the workout wear. The athletic look is strong and we think even cuter with a belly. Once you talk to your doctor and choose a workout plan, make sure you shop this shoot!

Maternity Tank Top in Gray

Jungle Print Maternity Active Leggings

White/Black Ombre Maternity Active Leggings

Classic Black Maternity Active Leggings

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