APIP BLOG Americana StyleGuide Post v1

Let’s take a new look at the styles usually owned by stars and stripes. With a fresher take on floral, a more saturated palette, ruffles and full-on flow… this is your guide to summer style.

RED: Slightly brighter and fresher than in past seasons…this shade is hitting all the right notes on our one-shoulder ruffle maternity top blossomed with white flowers.

WHITE: The new shift on white is that it’s not stark, but soft. This maternity maxi gets the designer treatment, crafted by Ella Moss for A Pea in the Pod from gauzy textured fabric that moves with you all summer.

BLUE: The floral maternity dress is a rich royal blue, splashed with red florals that are in full bloom. We love that’s it’s deeply feminine with a ruffled shoulder and V-neck cut.

This wouldn’t be an American post if we didn’t end with a link to the fashion that defines us: denim. Get your blue jeans, baby, and show us how you celebrate the summer months in style! @apeainthepodmaternity #40weeksofchic


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