APIP BLOG New Arrivals 2018 Post

Our newest summer arrivals were shot in sunny California. Coming from the cold of the East Coast, it became our summer oasis. Like any good vacation, you discover something. Whether it be self-discovery through total relaxation or local gems and scenic photo-ops, these hidden treasures became our inspiration for our newest collection.

Find the style that brings you to a personal paradise. Dress for your babymoon with help from a swimsuit that crosses classic navy with bright embroidery. Soak it in with all of our maternity swimsuits.

Dress the part of girl on a getaway in a flowing dress, designed in Italy and made for you. From Pietro Brunelli’s leaves collection, this maternity caftan maxi is crafted from crepe de chine, so it’s lightweight and breezy, perfect for beaching to brunching, depending on where your journey takes you. Does your suitcase have room? Pack more dresses. There’s one you’ll be sure to love.

Show us how you babymoon and summer vacation @apeainthepodmaternity #40weeksofchic – and as always, safe travels!

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