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It’s Rachel Pally week at A Pea in the Pod! To kick it off, we got a chance to speak with Rachel herself about her eponymous collection, the best-selling caftan, and why she loves dressing expecting mamas! Read on to learn more about the name behind the brand.

A PEA IN THE POD: How did you get started as a designer? What made you want to start your own company?

RACHEL PALLY: I started my line straight out of college.  I minored in modern dance and had to spend a certain number of hours in the costume shop to earn my credits.  I fell in love with sewing costumes! I started to sew on my own and make clothes for my friends and for myself.  I was in LA and walked into a store downtown.  The owner loved my dress, asked if there was anything else she could see!  I showed her my designs and she told me I should start sending her pieces on consignment.  I did, and they sold!  She encouraged me to explore it further after school and it all took off from there!

A PEA IN THE POD: As the name and face behind your brand, how involved are you in the design process?

RACHEL PALLY: Very!  I have my hands in all of it! I do have a full-time designer (we have been working together for 10 years!), I am 100% involved every step of the way.

A PEA IN THE POD: What makes your pieces and fabrics so unique?

RACHEL PALLY: We use the best quality modal jersey on the market – it just feels and looks so luxurious.  We also cut generously so the drape gives a lot of dimension to our pieces.

A PEA IN THE POD: Our customers love the caftan. How did it become your staple dress?

RACHEL PALLY: Because it’s such a good dress! It looks good on everybody.  It is bra-friendly, bump friendly, hides the early non-bump pregnant belly and also hides the post-baby bump!  It can be dressed up or down, worn with booties or sandals or heels.  The first time I wore that dress I was in NY and had to cross the West Side Highway to get to the show and a woman pulled across 4 lanes in traffic honking at me to ask where I got my dress.

A PEA IN THE POD: Your prints are so fun. What inspires you when choosing/designing prints and patterns?

RACHEL PALLY: We primarily buy our prints from a local LA design firm.  I usually just buy whatever gives me that “must-have” feeling. Sometimes it’s a muted floral, sometimes it’s a wild animal print, sometimes it’s a bold graphic.

A PEA IN THE POD: As a mother of 2, how do you balance work life and home life?

RACHEL PALLY: Balance?  Is that possible?  I think the most important thing for me is to eliminate the need for perfection all of the time.  I can just do my best: be the best businesswoman I can be while I’m at work and be the best mama I can be when I’m home. I also have a messy closet, an overflowing “everything” drawer, I never get my nails done and I have a hard time squeezing in time to exercise.  Going easy on myself is the best way to manage it all!

A PEA IN THE POD: How does Los Angeles and California influence the collections?

RACHEL PALLY: This is my city; this is my home!  The California lifestyle is easy and relaxed, just like my collections.

A PEA IN THE POD: What trends do you see popping up for the rest of 2018 and into 2019?

RACHEL PALLY: Crazy sneakers are in, which is good for pregnant ladies, but not so good for my size 10s!  And as always, flowy feminine dresses are still going strong.

Make sure you check out our Rachel Pally takeover week on Instagram and check out her Facebook Live video Wednesday, May 2 at 4pm EST. Tag us wearing a Rachel Pally and see how you can win a NEW dress. Check out the rules to enter @apeainthepodmaternity later this week!

Want to meet Rachel in person? Join us at our Beverly Hills location on Friday May 4 at 2PM for our Trunk Show. Find out more info on our Instagram and RSVP by texting your first and last name to (714) 350-4690

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