APIP BLOG equation 2018 Post copy.jpg

Mix and match, add and subtract, when it comes to designer style, it’s not hard to come up with the right equation. To celebrate our launch of Good Mama, we paired their classic denim with a few of our favorite designer tops to create fashion forward formulas.

The Monrow super soft maternity tee in dusty pink camo and spotted with stars is perfect when added to the Good Mama black maternity jeans. They are standouts as separates, but together, they are an equation we can count on time and again.  Classic with a hint of personality.

Need a simple closet calculation? What’s more classic than a white tee plus blue jeans? Switch up this staple combination with another variable by adding our Samara blue maternity trench coat from BCBG Maxazria. When the sun comes up and the heat is on, simply subtract that extra layer for a cool girl finish.

Show us your answer to what piece + what other style = expecting fashion @apeainthepodmaternity #40weeksofchic

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