APIP BLOG GoodAmerican 2018 Post2


Something good is here! Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede’s Good American now offers styles for expecting women, and we are very excited to announce that GOOD MAMA has landed on! We pride ourselves on offering our moms-to-be the same designer denim they loved before pregnancy – keeping your style is one of the few things that doesn’t have to change over the next 40 weeks. We love Good Mama’s fit philosophy (offered in all sizes from 00-24) and who better to explain it all than Khloé herself. Watch the video, read the brand’s mission and shop the newest collection of maternity jeans to join A Pea in the Pod.

“GOOD AMERICAN is designed for all women, for the new body ideal, the new definition of sexy. Our aim is to change the relationship women have with their body forever. Looking and feeling sexy is possible during pregnancy. That mission remains true, especially as we bring new life into the world and embark on the beautiful journey that is becoming a mother. Introducing GOOD MAMA, our range of premium maternity jeans for mothers-to-be and new mamas who want to look and feel their absolute best. Every woman’s pregnancy is unique, which is why we’ve designed a few variations of GOOD MAMA. The Honeymoon fit is available in two rises, mid or low, with soft supportive elastic side inserts that are utterly non-restrictive. GOOD MAMA is designed to give you the ultimate shape and comfort with fashion-forward styles, to embrace and enhance your shape in the early stages of motherhood. Find your perfect fit, so you can focus on what matters most—being a GOOD MAMA.”


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