APIP BLOG TheDenimULove 2018 post

We are going to be bringing you snips and snaps from our designer denim brands, because what makes us different is that we are actually transforming the jeans you always loved into ones you can continue to love.

Today we are doing a fashion focus on Mother Denim for A Pea in the Pod.  If you love the LA feeling of being fun and free, then you know all about the cool girl jeans from Mother. Their take on the American standard features a juxtaposition of being serious and being playful at the same time. You will also note that we are selling the EXACT same styles with the addition of pregnancy-friendly waistbands.

Our exclusive Secret Fit Belly® panel is being sewn directly on to the pair of jeans. When we say do not sacrifice your style for pregnancy, we mean it. Taking this approach to expecting fashion allows you to never skip a beat when thinking about expanding your maternity wardrobe. The featured pair, Insider Crop Step Fray in Not Rough Enough, has everything you have always wanted from jeans: the cut, the fit, and now the name you love.

Keep shopping the maternity denim you can’t be without and keep coming back for more brand style spotlights.

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