APIP BLOG SpringStyle 2018 post copy

There’s spring cleaning, awakening, flings and fevers… but let’s not forget spring style. Unlike the colder months, where the more layers, the more to love- spring brings it all back to basics.

Start from the top: a striped tee is essential; make your maternity version chic enough to go with everything, from high end to low key. Add a blouse to your closet, for when a morning meeting requires a little ruffle and a pretty pink.

Bring it to the bottom: basic black pants get the upgrade with lightweight linen, an underbelly waistband and a jogger cuffed hem. Don’t forget the hero piece, which is undeniably a good pair of jeans. The featured lightwash underbelly LED skinny is an exclusive to A Pea in the Pod.

The one and done: the slinky, stretchy khaki maternity dress from Isabella Oliver is simply gorgeous. You will always have something to wear, when you have this dress to wear.

New addition: this camel colored jacket from Splendid is just that. Your closet cannot be without. Want a bonus? It’s not just for maternity, or even new moms; it’s really a forever piece. You’re done. Capsule complete.


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