APIP BLOG SelfCareMamaBear 2018 v1 post

Your body has been working so hard. Always take the time to divulge in a little self-care. It starts and ends with you, mama bear!

It’s no shock that skin changes when you’re expecting, especially on your belly. You might feel itchy with the rapid growth, or there’s stretch marks appearing. First of all, stretchmarks are beautiful, and a lot of women get them! Instead of worrying about them, just soothe them with lotions and butters made for healing the skin. Our friends at Fit Pregnancy suggest a light exfoliation, which sounds spa-like and decadent. “Exfoliating dry, flaky skin from your belly weekly with an extra-gentle scrub will slough off dead skin and reveal fresh, smooth skin.” If you have been dry brushing, talk to your doctor about doing a gentle dry brush on your belly, after you take care of your tired legs and possibly itchy arms.

Once your canvas is buffed and smoothed out, layer on the creamy concoctions like anything from basq nyc, but especially the Intensive Treatment Stretchmark Butter, which is filled with peptides, essential oils and butters to aid in the nourishment of your skin. We are also in love with the Cooling Body Bliss, because let’s face it, hot moms get hot flashes sometimes. This antioxidant rich product cools down the swelling of feet, legs and even your back. Add in the Resilient Body Stretchmark Oil, which has the safety seal for pregnancy and nursing. Oh, and it comes in a lavender scent, which relaxes the body and mind.

Don’t forget your face! Your hormones have been changing, and sometimes it affects your facial skin too. Not everyone is glowing; some women experience even dryer skin. The Mega Moisture Face Cream features three soothing butters: illipe, shea and jojoba. They work wonders for sensitive skin.

Now get comfortable and shop the look: Chaser Mama Bear Maternity Tee / Luxe Essentials Crop Maternity Leggings

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