APIP BLOG 3Trimesters 2018 post

Like the expecting woman herself, the ability to adapt, change and be versatile is key.  Expecting style should not only keep up, but be beautiful.

Let’s start with the Rachel Pally signature caftan maternity dress. It’s easy, luxe and straddling the line of upscale and casual. From just showing to full bump, it’s draping material cascades your figure gorgeously in a way that always flatters. Keep this one for after too, because the low neckline and stretch offers nursing accessibility and the silhouette and pattern will never go out of style.

The Isabella Oliver flutter sleeve maternity dress works before, during, after. The ponte fabrication is strong and stretchy, so that it “grows” with you, but retains its original shape.  This one just feels good for any occasion, whether it’s your own shower, or a friend’s wedding. Its versatility expands past trimesters.

The Pietro Brunelli Salisburgo maternity dress, also known as the ruffle sleeve dress, has star power (see it on the cover of O Magazine!) We think it’s so coveted, because it lasts all pregnancy and then forever. Or maybe… it’s the Italian-made material and design. Either way, it’s molto bella.

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