APIP BLOG ColorOfLove 2018 Post copy

Energizing, risqué, powerful, determined, desired, passionate… red is the color of love. Did you know that this primary hue had such complex emotions?

Red also attracts more attention than any other color. That’s why historically, ancient tribes to royalty wore red. Today, red still commands attention, but because it’s a color that makes you stand out. It’s a strong shade. Nothing says I mean business like a red lip, except for maybe a red dress.

We wanted to show the complexity of this color with its punchiness against paler prints, broken up with stripes, and layered against lace. To shop the featured fashions, see the designer styles below. Or to find the red look you love in time for Valentine’s Day, head to your store.

Make our hearts race: show us your best red with #40weeksofchic @apeainthepodmaternity.

Seraphine Luxe Lizzie Maternity Dress

Splendid Off The Shoulder Maternity Tunic

Envie De Fraise Ruffled Striped Maternity Top

Ripe Lace Maternity Dress

Isabella Oliver Sheath Maternity Dress

Pietro Brunelli Cold Shoulder Maternity Top

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