APIP BLOG HittingTheRoad 2018 Post

Next weekend is a long one and we are itching to get out of town and hit the road. To help celebrate President’s Day, we are dreaming of taking a road trip inspired by history to some of the first-founded American cities that are filled with culture, good eats and lots of fashion.

Head over to Philadelphia, where you can reenact declaring our independence, as well as order a really good cheese steak. Keep your clothing comfortable. We LOVE this maternity sweatshirt from Pietro Brunelli, especially when walking through Love Park!

When in our Nation’s Capital, tour the museums, head to the many memorials, get lost in the rich past and rich scenery of this great city.  You may be a month away from cherry blossom season, but the air is still crisp and sweet. Keep your outfit simple, then accessorize for dinner!

Round out your East Coast tour in a city where everybody knows your name… Boston!  Go on a walking trail and get a refresher course in American history. Dress comfortably, yet classy in something as stylish as stripes, topped with a poncho or cape that’s easy to take off for a sip of tea.

Stay chic for the winter chill – finish any outfit with a maternity coat made for you. Happy traveling!

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