APIP BLOG BabyNames Post

Move over Aiden, Caden, Brayden and Jayden… according to our friends at PopSugar, the “ens” are out, and the use of more pop-culture referenced names are in. We at A Pea in the Pod are guessing why these monikers made the list!

Take Arya for instance; she is the name behind everyone’s favorite tough and gritty girl from Game of Thrones, Arya Stark. And although the other spelling “Aria” didn’t make their top 30, we think some Pretty Little Liars fans like the name too. Speaking of PLL… we see you on the list, Ezra!

Asher can be seen solving (or committing) crimes on How to Get Away with Murder, while our old souls and hearts beat for Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora and our favorite dad from To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus. Oh, and Finn is giving us major Huckleberry, Tom Sawyer vibes.

For a more real, well reality, spin on the popularity of these names, we know a young YouTube star by the name of Mila, and there’s a certain Kardashian you may be keeping up with whose daughter is Penelope.

What are you planning on naming your little one this year? Using reference from a television show, movie, or book? Let us know with #40weeksofchic @apeainthepodmaternity.


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