APIP BLOG WorkoutWorkday 2017 v1 Post

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Start the week off strong with maternity jogger pants featuring a step hem and underbelly. They’re pretty perfect, as we discussed in our Wear Now & After post earlier this week. Begin the day with a brisk walk around your ‘hood, topped with this soft maternity sweatshirt. Just switch your sneaks for heels and prepare for the week ahead, refreshed and ready.

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Escape the mundanity of your desk (or wherever you set up shop) and hit the road for a midday jog. This striped maternity dress is cute enough to lift your style spirits, as well as soft enough to make lightwork of stretching, moving, and counting steps. Swap booties for sneaks or wear yours from morning to night. It is #BumpDay after all!

FITNESS FRIDAY: You almost made it to the weekend. Reward yourself with a little yoga in the morning, lunch break stretch sesh, or after work class at your favorite studio. No need to change; just throw this maternity hoodie over your blouse, because your casual Friday star print maternity joggers are ready. Now get set and go!

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