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You are pregnant and you think that this is finally it… the chance to eat, sleep and forget the gym. But, you will soon realize that your body craves movement. You’ll often hear women talk about that second and third trimester energy boost after the first trimester tiredness weans. Get moving, but make sure you do it safely! We definitely recommend speaking to your doctor before trying any new fitness activity, even just to discuss ones you’ve already been doing prior to pregnancy.

If you don’t know where to start, but you want to start, we scanned through all the different fitness plans from our friends at Fit Pregnancy. Keep reading for workouts to get you through all three trimesters, and then life as a new mom.  Stretch it out, take a deep breath, and move your way through 2018. And as always, do it while looking chic as ever in an active tee and leggings from Beyond the Bump by Beyond Yoga, a layering maternity sweatshirt and diaper bag from TwelveLittle (which is so pretty we just call it tote bag.) Or, choose your own maternity active outfit; we’ve got a lot!

First Trimester:
Beat the snooze-fest feelings with a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Workout.

Second Trimester:
A lot happens this trimester; keep up with some serious stretching and pregnancy poses.

Third Trimester:
Give your arms, legs, and everything in between a jolt of power with a full body workout.

Fourth Trimester:
Hey new mom. Get baby involved with this one: Perfect Postnatal Workout.

How are you introducing, continuing or mastering workouts this year? Show us using #40weeksofchic @apeainthepodmaternity

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