APIP BLOG DressSuccess Post

Work is work- until the holiday party. Let your hair down, slip into chic flats, and pick up a plastic cup of sparkling water; you earned it! We suggest wearing a beautiful blouse, like the Daniel Rainn Floral one shown. It features the colors of the season, highlighted by rich burgundy Luxe Essentials Sateen Maternity Pants. Comfortable outfitting is key when business gets casual.

Your girlfriends get you, so they expect you to show up glowing. Our Collective Concepts Maternity Dress is black with gold, perfect to pair with sparkly heels or eye-catching flats. Finish with fun accessories for a girls’ night out [or in], because those relationships are the actual presents.

Let the little ones shine in tutus and leotards, but you find your comfort zone as you watch the most adorable rendition of the Nutcracker you’ve ever seen.  Pair a soft sweater, like our Off-the-Shoulder Fair Isle one with your best pair of blue, such as these Articles of Society Sarah Ankle Skinny Maternity Jeans.

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