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We are about T minus a month out from Hanukkah and Christmas, followed by another New Year’s Eve.  This time of year, although touted as the most wonderful, can sometimes be stressful too. Before the merry madness begins, take time to find your center, do a little prenatal yoga, and even pamper yourself pretty.

Let’s take this to the mat.  Why is yoga good for expecting mamas? Our friends at Fit Pregnancy provide 10 benefits, as well as a two-minute tutorial. Once you have your poses of choice, allow us to suggest some styles to help you stretch. If you haven’t tried Beyond Yoga and their line Beyond the Bump, then you are missing out on the smoothest, softest, stretchiest yoga pants and tops.

After a small sweat sesh, head on over to your personal spa, aka the bathroom, and get ready to add a little luxury to your life. Mama Mio Skincare is not only cruelty free, but their saying is that they have “no nasties”. What does this mean? It means their products are made without parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colorants, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, xenoestrogens, phthalates or PEGs. And while we sell literal head to toe butters from them, we are loving the Gorgeous Glow 3-Step Skincare System. With a face wash, day-to-night lotion and eye cream… it’s a facial under $50!

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