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Meet Pietro Brunelli, the man behind the brand that brought us the best-selling, can’t-get-enough-of, have-to-have ruffled sleeve maternity dress. We got the chance to ask him a little about himself, his eponymous Italian-made collection, inspiration, and his collaboration with A Pea in the Pod. He said he loves his American customers, and trust us, we love him back!

We’d love to hear a bit about how you got started as a designer.
I was working in Paris at Louis Vuitton, Moët Hennessy for Givenchy and L’Oréal when I decided to start my career as a designer.  The fashion system I was exposed to while there fascinated me intensely, so much that I decided to launch a new concept together with my sister Laura.

What drew you to designing maternity fashion?
During my time in Paris I was surrounded by a lot of colleagues, many of whom were pregnant, and at the same time in big distress over how to dress during their pregnancies. With my collections, I wanted to make a change and give women the possibility to celebrate their beauty and their changing body without sacrificing their style.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for your current collection?
I find my inspiration in my everyday life, in what I love to do and in what surrounds me; travelling and visiting many countries opens my mind and has taught me to be very focused on details.

What types of trends do you see coming in for the 2018 season?
My collection is 100% made in Italy, so I was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea with its colors, atmospheres, scents, sounds and fauna, transformed into an eclectic color palette, prints and fabrics.

The Ruffled Sleeve Maternity Dress is a perennial best-seller. What do you think makes this everyone’s favorite?
This dress does have something special – it’s a combination of elegance, romantic details and the fact that when I dress a woman, I do not only want her to look beautiful, but I also want her to feel comfortable.

Are there any differences between your Italian and American customers?
We love our American clients, and we are immensely grateful that our collection can reach so many expecting women thanks to A Pea in the Pod. The American customer has great style; she cares about her appearance and look, and I believe that when choosing Pietro Brunelli, she is going for that special Italian touch that our collection offers.






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