Home for the holidays sometimes involves traveling. For many, the hardest part is picking outfits that not only pack well, but also keep you comfortable along the way.  We’re talking fashion that makes the journey but also cozies up once you reach your destination.

We are loving trends that travel. Whether it’s by air, land, or sea… you’ll want stretchy maternity leggings and a lightweight, yet long sleeve maternity tee.  Switch in joggers for your return trip and layer your tee with a chunky and chic maternity sweater, which doubles as a blanket.

Pack light if you can. Bras and panties are a must; we suggest a seamless for the road, because it’s soft and also supportive. Pack a sleep bra and a maternity pajama set to look polished and pulled together. Oh, and cozy socks always make you feel right at home.

When it’s time to socialize, we recommend a maternity dress, especially one with long sleeves. The best part is that you can eat all of those holiday treats with reckless abandon – dresses [and bumps] are good for that! Accessorize, add your favorite shoes, and don’t forget to enjoy your holidays.

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