APIP BLOG CozyEncounters 2017 Post

As the seasons blend and the cold takes hold, sometimes you just crave comfort. Isn’t that what the winter is all about? Whether you’re staying in or going out, it’s time to embrace the season of cozy.

When you just want to stay home, have your style speak for you. Our Let’s Stay in Bed Comfy Tee, paired with the Grey Jogger Underbelly Pants (shown) is an easy outfit. Another amazing option: the Fuzzy Maternity Sleep Pants and matching Nursing Top in mulled wine definitely fits the bill. Wine… remember wine! Opt out the mulled beverage for spiced hot apple cider or some herbal tea instead.

When you have to show up, make it a true one and done look. The featured Off-the-Shoulder Striped Dress is the comfortable couture that you cannot go wrong with. If you’re feeling pants, however, throw on some designer jeans or even leggings paired with a relaxed fit sweater that still looks put together. Our Central Park West Mock Neck Maternity Sweater in a soft pink is the perfect choice. Now cozy on up to your new winter wardrobe.


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