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What happens when two moms combine their love of interior design with the ease of online shopping? You get the birth of Curated Nest! Shop their already perfectly curated nursery looks or enlist their online design services to create something custom just for you and your little one. Let’s face it, the nursery is really a reflection of you, so what better pairing than using some of our Fall A Pea in the Pod styles to inspire some nursery looks! We have teamed up Erin Coren and Lina Galvão, the co-founders of Curated Nest, to give you three shoppable mini collections. Each week we will reveal one to you as part of our A Pea in the Pod x Curated Nest series and Erin and Lina will walk you through some tips and tricks to achieve each look and give you some of their best design advice- sit back and enjoy!

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Inspired by our super soft back-interest maternity sweater and Luxe Essentials Hannah maternity ankle jegging, cozy is a both a look and a feeling.

Start with lots of texture, like smooth, shiny, and plenty of soft. Try faux furs, thick knit throws, and mixed materials like macramé. To achieve that effortless, laid back feeling, add in natural elements like linen, wood, or leather.

A unified color theme is key; serene shades of blue and beige make a perfect blank slate to layer upon. Finish with furniture with soft lines, like a crib with rounded sides, a lush glider and an abundance of plush pillows!

Your room is ready, all the pieces are assembled, now document the day for the baby book!

Still don’t know where to begin? No worries; we got to ask Erin and Lina some hard-hitting nursery design questions.


A Pea in the Pod: First of all, what makes Curated Nest different?

Curated Nest: When you’re expecting, you’ve got lots to prepare for, and our Curated Rooms make it easy to see how an interior designer would style a complete nursery with unique trendy products. If you love it, you can buy it all right away! To Do List: 0 – Mama: 1.


A Pea in the Pod: How do you pick each product?

Curated Nest: The first question we ask ourselves when adding a new product to our site is, “Would we use this with our own kids?” As moms, we literally kick the tires on all things we sell. We vet them for safety and other additional benefits, such as eco-friendly, organic, multi-functional, etc. . We also source unique and special products from a variety of mom-run businesses.  The quilt we feature in the Cozy Chic nursery from Malabar Baby is a perfect example of a mom-created, super unique product that we are proud to offer.


A Pea in the Pod: How does someone start their nursery; where do they begin?

Curated Nest: Interior design trends usually evolve from fashion. Start by looking at your own clothing. If you prefer dramatic patterns, then go bold. If you are all about soft and comfy, stick to neutrals. Don’t overthink it. The nursery is really a special place for you to bond with your newest addition. If you’re relaxed in the room, your baby will be too!

Stay tuned, we have more nursery and style inspiration coming from A PEA IN THE POD X CURATED NEST!


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