APIP BLOG Denim Trendy 2017 Post

Earlier this week we made a case for classic denim. Now, the pairs with a little color, a lot of destruction and hems for days take center stage. This isn’t necessarily about recreating a classic; it’s about adding to it.

Destruction has been trending for so many seasons, it may end up moving into our classics category before we know it. Showing a little skin through well-made and well-placed rips provides the right amount of edginess.

We are loving the latest trend that plays with lengths and hems and draws your eyes toward the ankles. The split hem and step hem are our favorites; both make a statement without overwhelming your look.

When it comes to color, gray denim has us falling in love. The moody hue is not quite black or blue, adding a new dimension to your wardrobe. We also love the way mixed denim contrasts for another take on traditional jeans.

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Or, find your own!

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