APIP BLOG WearToWork 2017 Post

The “office” looks a lot different from one person to the next. It may be a cubicle, a law firm, the classroom, a studio, a salon, even the couch! We get it, which is why our wear-to-work post is more focused on the where to work.

If you are the corporate crusader, meeting with VIPs or being one yourself, nothing should be a bump in your way… even your own. We chose a simple black dress as a classic look to style up or down, with heels or flats, for running the meeting or running to meetings. But of course, office attire doesn’t just mean dresses, which is why our entire wear-to-work category features fashion from suits, to pants, to button-ups and more.

The weekday wanderer may be considered a creative type. You may be on location or on your feet all day, which is why live-in denim and a chic season-less blouse are the essentials. What we love about this look is that our jeans are made for changing curves, with panels that grow, stretch for pregnancy and then keep you comfortable into new motherhood.

You may be dialing in from outside the building, but working remotely still means business. Or, are you a full-time mom, keeping up with the kids and your home? Well then, maternity leggings are musts. Top one off with a stylish sweater or sleek knit for a complete outfit that you can accessorize if a face-to-face phone call comes through.

Where do you call work? Let us know @apeainthepodmaternity using #40weeksofchic and send us your best on-the-job outfit.


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