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For National Breastfeeding Month, we asked 5 of our coworkers to give us their real-mom advice. Of course, there are leagues, professionals and groups that are there to support you, but sometimes the advice from actual women who are going through it in real time or have gone through it multiple times is just the thing you to need to push you through that 2 AM feeding or 2 PM pumping. Read on to see what they say.

Nicole, Senior Web Merchandiser said, “Nursing can be overwhelming, especially in the first few weeks! The baby wants to eat often, so you feel like you are nursing constantly, and of course you then can feel sore. My advice is to try to be patient – this time will only last a few weeks and the benefits of nursing outweigh the cumbersome task it sometimes feels it may be.”

Daina, Editor/Senior Copywriter said, “My advice is to invest in a hand-pump, because as much as you don’t think you will need one, there may be a time when the electricity is out, you do not have access to your car or an adapter, and you need to express the milk. Then, you may have to hand pump in your boss’ dark office— not that I am speaking from experience or anything…”

Michelle, Online Marketing Manager said, “Have a support group. I struggled in the beginning with nursing, but with the help of my partner, friends and a lactation consultant, I was able to get in the groove. If you plan on pumping, invest in a hands-free nursing bustier; it makes the process much faster and allows you to multi-task. Always carry around a water bottle and a small snack. Nursing burns a lot of calories, so it’s important to stay nourished.

Tara, Associate Creative Director of Content said, “Before going to sleep, restock your middle-of-the-night nursing station. Fill up your water bottle, put out a few snacks like a granola bar or an apple, have your favorite lip balm nearby and maybe a throw blanket if it’s winter. Make sure to charge up the iPad for reading or binge watching a new favorite show too. Mid-night feedings can feel quiet and a bit lonely; I found them to be much more enjoyable and far less daunting knowing I had a few of my own personal comforts at the ready!”

Joan, Senior Art Director said, “Nursing comes with good and bad days. Oatmeal is my personal fix! A bowl of oatmeal a day makes a big difference for me, really helps keep my milk supply up.”

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