EARTH DAY 2017 // #mothernature

Lush Life: Trends that transport you to paradise. Sheer designs and fluid prints bring the tropics to life

Today is about helping our environment. If you haven’t planned to do anything, here is Earth Day’s website where you can get inspired.

As for us, we have been inspired by the lush greens, cool blues and crisp whites found amongst the trees, skies and waters of our land. On our photo shoot for Spring 2017, we tapped into the tropics to capture such beauty, and our outfits have followed suit.

Our tie-dye maternity maxi is dripping with movement, from the fabric to the design, which is reminiscent of flowing waters in shades of greens and blues. We wanted to showcase this dress against a natural backdrop and with actual water. Here, barefoot and pregnant looks chic and pregnant.

Even our more professional maternity dresses have a natural touch. Our sleeveless ruched maternity style comes in a blue water print, a design that looks like drops of liquid. Shot against opulent greenery, the blues become enhanced like rain in the forest.

Last, but not least, we want to highlight our cold shoulder maternity top in shady glade. The color title says it all. Rich green and lightweight, it was paired with our exclusive LED bright white maternity jeans amid rocks and vegetation to bring out the richness in the hue.

Shooting in a tropical environment amidst an abundance of nature was inspiration within itself. We style women full of life, quite literally, so it made sense to bring our photo shoot to life as well. Mother Nature continues to inspire us throughout spring, summer, fall and winter. Today is her day and we thank her. To shop all new arrivals, click here. Happy Earth Day. And, make sure you share how you care about the earth on our Instagram with the #MotherNature

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