femme fashion

Females can be strong while still embracing beautiful things. That is where our maternity tops come in to play. For the featured style: ruffled top to breezy bottom, flower print to V-neck, there’s a femininity that creates nothing short of a beautiful blouse.

Florals are still trending in 2017, so there is no surprise that they continue to be best-selling, especially for the bump. They camouflage, while still flattering those new curves that are the womanliest of all… you know, the ones that come from pregnancy. The white solid backdrop highlight the blooms and make this top easy to pair with maternity jeans, or with work pants, and even for prettying up maternity leggings.

Girls run the world – this much is true; so, we may as well do it in pretty clothing. Shop all femme maternity shirts right here. Happy styling, pretty ladies.

Ruffle Trim Floral Maternity Blouse

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