MINT to be

Who knew the soft shade of green would be the strongest color to covet this season? What we love, specifically about this maternity dress, is its effortless ability to take on any role you need it to. For instance, we call it a t-shirt dress, because the soft and stretchy material wears like your favorite live-in style. It’s designer, made for A Pea in the Pod from Isabella Oliver, plus it meets all the transitional and traditional musts: three/fourth sleeves, mid-calf length, fitted silhouette, side-ruching for longer wear, classic neckline.

The bumped-up basic is solid, so layering is key for March and April, where the day to night degree shift can be large. We like that our moms-to-be can wear it from trimester one through post-pregnancy. With accessorizing and shoe versatility, it’s the chic choice for a spring shower OR the wedding itself. We are partial to pastel this time of year, but this particular maternity dress comes in black, grey, navy and wine too. Stock up while they’re still in stock; we have a feeling this is the dress mint for the season. See what I did there?

Isabella Oliver Maternity T-Shirt Dress

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