Sleep my darling

Well hello there sleeping beauty. Don’t feel too cute at night these days? Now is the time to take your fashion to bed with maternity and nursing sleepwear that is worth the dream.

Our maternity pajamas are nursing pajamas, because we think that getting comfy, cozy and all around good sleep is essential during pregnancy and especially after giving birth. The styles, like the nursing robes and gowns, are easy for post-pregnancy including C-sections, so nothing is hitting your body too harshly. The stretchy, smooth fabric is crafted for hard-working bodies. We made them pretty, of course, because you deserve to be adorned with beautiful things.

Our maternity sleep separates are also perfect for now and after, with the tops all being nursing accessible. The bottoms are soft, never imposing on the bump. There will be people visiting once the baby is born and putting on actual clothing may seem impossible to you, which is why these styles are essential. If you want to [really] look put together, our maternity sleep bras are not only best-selling, but are comfy, live-in necessary, nursing ready and provide a supportive snooze. When the baby naps, you nap right?

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