TIME TO CHANGE / Inspired by black & white /

Fashion is more than just black and white, except when it literally comes in shades of black and white. For Daylight Savings 2017, we want to focus on the way these two contrasting colors not only complement each other, but work on their own, brighten a look and make every outfit that much chicer.

We have heard many pregnant women fear white maternity clothes. There is that old adage that black makes you look thin, while white does the opposite.  We not only beg to differ, but we have seen white on many a pregnant lady who has looked stunning. Now is the time to change your closet from winter to spring, so why not add in a little white maternity dress to join fashion forces with your LBD?

Or… mix, match and put in some print. We love the classics like black with white stripes and dots, especially in the form of an off-the-shoulder striped maternity top, as well as a polka dot maternity blouse. If you’re feeling black and white on the bottom, there’s an embroidered scallop edge pair that is calling your name.

You may be losing an hour of sleep, but there are so many new maternity styles to gain. And since we are still celebrating our Dream Week, marvel in the black and white maternity pajamas that are sure to provide beauty sleep. So, we ask… what else is black, white and chic all over? This.

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