THE SNOOGLE: one pillow that takes the place of five

40 weeks of chic are only as good as getting your 40 winks of sleep. So, before the bump in the night keeps you up, invest in the Snoogle. It may look like your ordinary body pillow, but it is in fact the MOTHER of all maternity pillows.

Take it from me, an actual person, the pillow is worth it. I recently had a baby and when I was pregnant I received my Snoogle from my husband who wanted to treat me with a gift; that night was the first night in MONTHS that I had gotten any sleep at all! From then on I used it every night.

Then, after I gave birth, I decided to nurse my daughter. I did have the Boppy pillow, which I also love, but the Snoogle is softer and can be manipulated, curved and propped both behind your back and your stomach. Thus, it became my go-to for nursing too. For the next few months I continued to use the Snoogle post-partum for sleep, because my body was healing. (It’s easy to clean, because of the removable covers.) I cannot speak for those who have had a C-section, but I can imagine it also affording some support for those recovering from the surgery.

So, to kick off Dream Week we are thrilled to provide you with tips and styles to help you get that beauty sleep you’ve been craving. Oh yeah… and we have some dreamy savings too.

If you are reading this blog from Friday, March 10, 2017 through Sunday, March 12, 2017 we are running a special: $20 off the Snoogle Total Body Pillow! Check your email for the coupon to be used in stores. Don’t sleep on this sale!

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