Lovely in Lace

Before our new spring collections get rolled out to you, we begin to sketch out the latest maternity style ideas, get a grasp on what’s trending, what’s classic and what’s craved in the industry (and of course by you, our customers!) So, it’s no surprise that we kept coming back to pretty and feminine, light and lacey.

The top white dress is from BCBG for A Pea in the Pod. It’s the pinnacle example of effortless elegance; think dinner on the beach in a cabana as the soft warm breeze makes your hair look amazing. But, you don’t have to live that fantasy to wear this gorgeous lace maternity dress. Your shower or gender reveal needs an outfit right? The sheer sleeves make it the ultimate in chic, with unexpected patches of architecturally inspired lace. This is not your everyday doily fabric.

The mint stunner not only screams spring, but congers up images of high-tea and warm weddings. Its endless layering of an intertwined and ever-changing lace pattern makes for a memorable dress. The color, the above-the-knee cut, and the 3/4 eyelet lace sleeves make for a go-to maternity dress for every event. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? No worries: we have all the lace looks; find the one you love.

BCBG Lace Maternity Dress for A Pea in the Pod

Mint Lace Maternity Dress

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