A Look Behind The Scenes With Our Senior Buyer


“Stay true to who you are! Your style doesn’t have to change even though your body is,” says Kim Gonzalez, a senior buyer for A Pea in the Pod. Kim has worked at Destination Maternity for 7 and ½ years and is responsible for buying our designer brands.

Kim’s days are spent helping pregnant women everywhere look and feel amazing.  Staying in tune with current trends and the various fashion and lifestyles of women, Kim curates the assortment with products for every type of mom-to-be. “I also work with our planning and allocation teams to ensure that we are placing product in the right stores based on customer profiles,” says Kim.

As a fashionable woman and mother herself, Kim knows about wearing maternity first-hand. Kim ensures that the collection includes the designer brands you know and love pre-pregnancy like BCBG and Splendid and other domestic and international maternity brands including Isabella Oliver, Rachel Pally and Pietro Brunelli.

What she loves most about being a mom? “Experiencing the different stages of childhood. I have one child, a daughter, and seeing the maturity that happens both physically and emotionally makes me fall in love with her all over again!”

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