Go Behind the Scenes With Our Senior Designer

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In case you missed our first feature, we’re highlighting some of our own moms and moms-to-be each month! Next up is Kiki Andress*, Designer of Swim, Woven Tops and Sweaters for A Pea in the Pod.

Kiki puts a one-of-a-kind spin on the season’s key trends to fit just right for and meet the demands of a busy mom-to-be. She collaborates with the design and merchandising teams sketching and creating wardrobe-building, stylish pieces each season. Kiki personally selects the fabrics, color and prints for the styles she designs, gravitating toward textures and feminine details; her work can most recently be seen in the brand’s global-inspired summer collection, which features vivid patterns, embroideries and embellishments.

Kiki’s go-to maternity outfit? A chic tunic and leggings. The look is versatile and easy to wear, especially late into your pregnancy when comfort is key.

*Kiki’s little bundle of joy arrived a few weeks earlier than expected. She is currently on leave bonding with her new son August, born in July!

Steal Kiki’s style: Chiffon Print Maternity Blouse // Dl1961 Side Panel Erin Denim Maternity Legging

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