Summer Skincare Secrets from a Pro

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to add a few essentials to your beauty routine. We asked beauty pro and co-founder of basq NYC, Kelli Kenny, for her tips. Read along and shop our collection of basq skincare here.

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Guest Editor: Kelli Kenny, basq NYC Co-Founder

Hotter weather is here and that can mean trouble for sensitive, hormonal skin. Warmer temps can be especially tricky for those managing Pregnancy melasma and blemishes that often worsen with sun exposure and overheated skin.

Simple Summer Tips:

  • Add regular exfoliation to your cleansing routine to sweep away dry skin, impurities and areas of patchiness.
  • Use gentle, natural astringents that clean and tighten pores without over stripping.
  • Avoid heavy moisturizers that can clog pores and worsen blemishes.
  • Protect your skin with an effective Sunscreen & Wear a big hat!
  • Try basq NYC Rebalancing Cleanser with Oak Root Extract rich in Tannins to draw out irritants & whipped, light emollients for skin balance.
  • Pregnancy often leaves skin more sensitive to the elements. Smart summer care can make a huge difference.

Shop the products below to treat and show off your skin per Kelli’s suggestions. What are your summer skincare must-haves?

From top left to right: Knot Front Maternity Tankini Swimsuit // Basq Citrus Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub // Basq Rebalancing Facial Cleanser

The views expressed on this post represent those of the guest author and not of A Pea in the Pod.

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